The Stadium


It occupies an area of 229 m. by 295m. It is the space between the arches on the left and the gate on the right. Different sports contests such as horse-racing, and chariotracing were performed here. There was a round arena on the east side where gladiators fought. The covered arches on the left side along the stadium were made for keeping the animals brought from hot countries. There were stone steps on the slope seen on the right, on which spectators sat. The seating places, were formed by filling the spaces with soil.


Stadium Gateway


The stadium was built in the time of Emperor Nero in the first century A.D. (54-58). It is a work of architecture belonging to the Roman period. The gate seen in the picture is supposed to have been constructed in the 3rd or 4th century A.D. It is reckoned that the stadium had a capacity for 13.000 spectators. The stone steps of the stadium which were used as seats, no longer exist, having been carried to Ayasuluk hill in order to build the structures there.