The Library of Celsus


C. Julius had this library built in honour of his father C. Celsus, the General Governor of the Province of Asia, in the year 135 A.D. You climb up to the salon of the library by nine stairs. Here, there used to be four statues symbolizing Justice. Virtue, etc. The niches in the walls were used for books. In front of the niches there were low Ionian pillars, made into the shape of a table. The inscription at the nothern end of the library in Latin, and another inscription at the southern end in Greek, are about Celsus and his son, Aquila. The grave after you climb down the stairs on the right-hand side, passing through a winding narrow corridor of 15 m. You will see a beautiful sarcophagus made of white marble, with a length of 2.5 m. The face of this sarcophagus is adorned with sculptures of snakes together with sculptures of Eros. Nike and Medusa. Under the stairs leading to Marble Street, is a newly discovered sarcophagus belonging to the Byzantine period. A lead plate at the bottom, on which the corpse lay. was found.